The Chinese virus continues to charge victims and spread from the city of Wuhan to the western world. Two companies have already begun attempts to create a vaccine.

The medical world still does not know how to deal with the mysterious Chinese virus threat that continues to spread around the world, and backs up victims: Every day, a number of infected people, entire provinces in China have closed and scans at airports around the world are trying to locate and isolate potential patients, the only way in the meantime to deal with the threat from the virus The new.

The Chinese corona virus also known as the 2019-nCov scientific name belongs to the Corona virus family. This sub-strain is the seventh in a series of sub-strains in this family known as infecting humans. It is estimated that new viruses are created over the years due to mutations – genetic changes that make them more durable and violent. The name of the corona virus incidentally, like the other viruses in this group, is given to it by the “crown” on the mantle, which contains various structures that help it penetrate a living cell.

The beginning of the epidemic is likely to be contagious from animals to humans in the seafood and animal markets. However, over time, it became clear that some of the infections did not visit the same market at all, leading to the conclusion that the virus is also transmitted between humans. Indeed, epidemiologic tests have made it now widely accepted that a person infected with the virus could pass the virus on to two to four people.
In the meantime, it is not known how long the virus can stay in the air or on surfaces, and it is therefore unclear whether it can be infected through contact with a contaminated area, or a stay where a person carrying the virus has passed. However, the virus is probably less contagious than other viruses such as measles or influenza, as the infection rate is not as rapid as other pandemics. As a matter of principle, the infection is a drop, using saliva or runny nose through a sneeze or cough.
What are the symptoms of the Chinese Corona Virus ?

The disease is usually manifested by mild and transient flu-like symptoms, which include headache and weakness, runny nose, sore throat or cough, and muscle pain. In some infections, the disease will also be accompanied by complications that include high fever, difficulty breathing, pneumonia, and sometimes blood and death infection.

What is the treatment?

A potential patient who has been living in infected areas in China and is experiencing symptoms of a serious illness within 14 days of staying there is considered a potential carrier. Such a patient is transported for isolation. For such a patient, laboratory tests are carried out that include a surface that is tested for the detection of the Corona virus through the Ministry of Health’s central virus laboratory in Tel Hashomer, and the denial of additional viruses.

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